Thursday, 11 December 2008

Lost Season 5 Preview Clip

Lost Season 5 PicA preview clip of Lost is now available:

Kate & Aaron - Sneak Peek Episode 1, Because You Left - Lost Season 5
Kate (Evangeline Lilly) freaks out when a lawyer knocks at her door asking for blood samples of her and and her son to check if she's the real mother.

Jack and Ben are planning the trip back to the Island.

This fifth season of Lost will be intense and probably action packed besides being a real mind twister!

Don't miss the premiere of Lost Season on January 21, 2009: it's on ABC.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Lost Season 5 January 21 2009

A new trailer of Lost Season 5 with some new footage has shown up:

Fellow fans of Lost our wait for the fifth season will come to an end on January 21, 2009: mark the date in your agenda!

Friday, 21 November 2008

Lost Season 5 Destiny Calls

The music video of the song "you Found Me" by Fray was aired during Grey's Anatomy to promote the fifth season of Lost. This clip does have some new footage of Lost Season 5:

After 108 days, 6 were rescued, the rest vanished..

Wednesday January 21: Destiny calls!


This new season of Lost seems to have a lot of action! So impatient to see Lost Season 5!

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Lost Season 5 Premiere and New Trailer

We have a new Lost Season 5 trailer, and yeap, the handsome Sawyer gets shirtless (Josh Holloway)!

Watch below the second teaser trailer of Lost Season 5:

January 2009

Destiny calls

2 Hour Season Premiere



The premiere of Lost Season, which will be a 2-hour episode is scheduled to be aired on Wednesday, January 21 2009.

Be ready for the premiere of Lost Season 5, let's check the episode list of Lost Season 5 to get some clues and hints about this brand new season of Lost!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Lost Season 5 Poster

Here below the first promo poster released for Lost Season 5:
(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)



The poster is showing two sides: those who are out of the island and those who are still over there. Anyone can pinpoint the island on a map (in space, and time?) in Lost Season 5?

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Lost Season 5 Episode List

The Oceanic Six will try to get back to the island in Lost Season 5.Here below an episode list of Lost Season 5:

Lost S5xE01 Because You Left

Lost S5xE02 The Lie

Lost S5xE03 Jughead

Lost S5xE04 The Little Prince

Lost S5xE05 This Place Is Death

Lost S5xE06 The Life And Death Of Jeremy Bentham

We only have the titles of the first six episodes of the Season 5 of Lost for now. But as soon as we have the titles of the remaining episodes we will update this Lost Season 5 episode guide. Also episode summaries will be added when available.

The premiere of Lost Season 5 should be in either late January or early February 2009. Damned, I wish it could start tomorrow!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Lost Season 5 First Trailer

The first trailer of the upcoming season 5 of Lost has found its way online. Here it is:

After 108 days everything they lived for, died for, prayed for, finally happened.

6 were rescued

the rest… vanished!

In 2009 the Oceanic 6 will risk everything to return:

Destiny calls!


Coming in 2009

This fifth season of Lost will make even more use of flashbacks / flashforwards. So prepare your brain to overcome this upcoming surge of mystery! Or you'll be lost you too!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Lost Season 5 Clip from Comic Con

During the last Comic Con a Dharma clip was shown to promote the upcoming season 5 of Lost. This clip features the Asian geek from the Dharma initiative:

Dr. Marvin Candle / Pierre Chang:
It’s imperative that the Dharma Initiative to be reconstituted.

Lost scriptwriter Damon Lindelof said during the Comic Con panel that this new season of Lost will twist our minds more than ever.

2009 seems so far: I need my Lost fix asap!