Saturday, 25 October 2008

Lost Season 5 Episode List

The Oceanic Six will try to get back to the island in Lost Season 5.Here below an episode list of Lost Season 5:

Lost S5xE01 Because You Left

Lost S5xE02 The Lie

Lost S5xE03 Jughead

Lost S5xE04 The Little Prince

Lost S5xE05 This Place Is Death

Lost S5xE06 The Life And Death Of Jeremy Bentham

We only have the titles of the first six episodes of the Season 5 of Lost for now. But as soon as we have the titles of the remaining episodes we will update this Lost Season 5 episode guide. Also episode summaries will be added when available.

The premiere of Lost Season 5 should be in either late January or early February 2009. Damned, I wish it could start tomorrow!